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The vision of Global Entrepreneurs Academy is helping entrepreneurs  develop their digital skills.


Hi, my name is Johan Mouton, founder of Global Entrepreneurs Academy. I know there are a lot of places where you can develop skills, learn about digital marketing, and more.

So what makes the Global Entrepreneurs Academy different? I had to learn everything myself. It was hard. I read forums, asked questions, watched videos and slowly started to learn and understand. The internet is such a big place and you can easily get lost.

What if there is a place run by entrepreneurs like you helping you understand the internet maize, and develop your digital skills to do better business? Fact is the internet is here to stay. You need to develop skills to leverage from it. At Global Entrepreneurs Academy we give you access to courses, guides and online events to understand digital business tools better making your life easier.

Join today for less than an evening out on the town.  We source training, develop training, source and create guides, get experts to show you the basics and even some advanced techniques.

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Gary V talks about the next couple of years in your live. It is a great video!

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