How to find a job using LinkedIn

You are a professional right? Are you on LinkedIn? Not yet. This post looks at how to find a job using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the #1 business networking platform in the world. This means if you are not on LinkedIn, your are not on the #1 business networking site in the world.

Many people think LinkedIn is just there when you need a job or that only recruitment people use it. This is NOT true.

You see; to find the perfect job you need to be the perfect candidate. And there is a process to be the perfect candidate.

When you do not follow the right process you miss out on opportunities available to you.

Are you a student? Get on LinkedIn! Are you someone looking for a job? Get on LinkedIn! Are you sales person? Get on LinkedIn! Any person who is in the business world MUST be on LinkedIn!

Be there! Be seen. It does not help if you are registered on LinkedIn and you are not active. Be active. Be social.

Many people wrongly think LinkedIn is like Facebook. Or, some even think (wrongly) that their Facebook and Twitter profiles do not matter. It all makes a difference.

YES! They do!

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