How to make money fast

20 years ago it was not easy to make money fast. With the internet, things have changed a lot!

You can generate money in one day, if not faster! Here are a couple ideas on how to do that:

  • Sell stuff you do not want anymore. Selling items online has never been easier.
  • Start an e-commerce business. Again, selling online with more of a long term focus.
  • Start freelancing. Do you have some skills people want? Freelancing is a great way to get money in.
  • Do micro jobs. People need work done on a consistent basis.
  • Start an affiliate business. This is also a business you can start with low capital and get some money.

The more skills you have the fast you can make money.

Have a look at our online courses. The aim is developing your digital skills.

One of the my biggest lessons on making money (that nobody told me), is to re-invest in the business.

When I was younger I also needed money. I was a teenager and wanted to go out with my friends and buy a motorbike But I had no money.

One of my friends said what they do is sell clothes. Great idea. So that is what we did.

We sold clothes. I made quick cash. BUT, never re-invested in the business.

I should have worked on getting more stock. Using cash to build it up. That would have allowed me to sell more; more often.

The biggest stumbling was getting clothes people wanted. I could have done that and built a business.

I did sell enough to buy a motorbike. And, pay for a fine I got! More on that in another blog.

Thing is; you need to set aside some money. For instance, lets say you sell some clothes you are not wearing anymore. That is your seed capital.

You go out; find a supplier and sell their clothes. You MUST know what the market wants and offer that.

From there; you setup an online store. This broadens your customer base.

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