How to use LinkedIn to get a job

Are you on LinkedIn? Do you need a job? Here is how to use LinkedIn to get a job.

LinkedIn is the #1 professional business social networking site in the world. If you are a professional, business person, student, or entering the job market you MUST be on LinkedIn.

Here are a couple tips to successfully get a job on LinkedIn:

  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated: Having an updated profile keeps you looking professional.
  • See LinkedIn as more than just a CV: LinkedIn is a powerful tool. Use it as such.
  • Detail your experience: Update your experience section on LinkedIn.
  • Build your network: Life is about networking with the right people. LinkedIn just made it easier.
  • Be active on LinkedIn: Do not be shy. Be active. It is like a gym contract. If you do not go to gym, having the just the contract means nothing.

Using these tips above will help you get a job on LinkedIn.

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